Vivek Raj Mishra is an experienced Django developer with expertise in Bootstrap, HTML, and JavaScript. With a passion for coding, Vivek not only develops top-notch web applications but also teaches others the art of programming. Vivek has created a comprehensive course on full e-commerce website development using Django, CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap, which is available on Udemy. The course provides students with hands-on experience in building an e-commerce site from scratch, covering everything from designing and developing the user interface to integrating payment gateways and managing orders.

Apart from creating courses, Vivek also contributes to the Django community by sharing his knowledge through online forums and blogs. His vast experience in developing web applications has enabled him to solve complex problems and deliver high-quality solutions that exceed client expectations. Currently, Vivek's e-commerce website project is hosted on Render, where users can experience the website's sleek design and smooth functionality. Whether it's developing web applications or teaching others how to code, Vivek is committed to delivering excellence in everything he does.